Finding A Vein Care Specialist

Finding A Vein Care Specialist

Vein disease is a lifelong complication, but a personalized specialist can make something complicated simple.  The New Jersey Vein & Vascular Center is a leading vein center that places emphasis on patient care.  Instead of receiving generic care from a clinic that just administers vein treatment, try a specialist who focuses on your health needs and an entire care plan for your specific condition. Here are some things to consider when finding a vein care specialist:


New Jersey Vein and Vascular Center
The New Jersey Vein and Vascular Center treats varicose vein disease and venous insufficiency.  Our scope of care includes the treatment of varicose, spider, pregnancy, and reticular veins.  Our objectives in administering care are to relieve symptoms, prevent complications, and improve appearance. 


Examples of Varicose Veins in Legs, Feet, and Ankles
We accurately identify the underlying causes of vein conditions, first, before diagnosing.  We’ve seen many patients who have been treated for the symptoms, rather than the disease, at prior clinics.  We provide an accurate diagnosis, closely monitor our patients and communicate to ensure condition improvement and patient satisfaction.     

Our Clinic

Dr. Stuart MIller - Vein Care Specialist
Our clinic, located in Randolph, NJ, is state-of-the-art, assuring nothing short of the best quality care available anywhere.

One of our famed doctors, Dr. Stuart Miller, holds over 15 medical device patents in our field of care.

We can tackle underlying causes with precision without wasting valuable time on false positives or negatives.  We continue to make technological advances in our field.

Procedures & Therapies

Vein Treatment Procedure

We offer ambulatory phlebectomy, sclerotherapy, endovenous laser ablation, and compression therapy. We understand that vein complications may affect patients’ body confidence due to their visibility. Our goal is to fully satisfy our patients, including addressing cosmetic concerns. Additionally, we also provide Botox treatments.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance Form
Unless you want to pay out of pocket for your vein treatment, you’re going to want to learn about your insurance coverage. Most vein procedures are covered by insurance, but because plans vary from person to person, you’ll want to double-check. NJVVC accepts most major insurance and Medicare and our staff will be happy to work with you to maximize your insurance benefits.

Read Reviews

Thumbs Up for Great Services
Spending some time reading through a specialist’s reviews online will likely shed some light on the quality of the services they offer. But it’s important for finding a vein specialist.  It’s important to keep in mind that people only turn to online reviews if their experience was one extreme or the other:  really great or really awful. Although, sometimes reviewers provide valuable insight.

We encourage all our patients to share their story regarding the experiences they have had with us. We strive to constantly provide a higher level of care for the people we see.  It shows in the reviews we have received over the years.

The Next Step – Schedule a Consultation with a Specialist

Our office staff is very friendly and knowledgeable about our field of practice.  To contact us about receiving care, or with general questions, you may call us at 862-251-7111, or inquire online here.

Editor’s Note: This blog has been updated in May 2024

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