A woman in a bathing suit showing spider veins her leg

Can Spider Veins Come Back After Treatment?

You’ve seen them before. And now you’re seeing them again! Those pesky, unattractive spider veins. Perhaps you originally had them around your ankles or on your thighs and you sought treatment. Now they seem to have reappeared, and you’re asking,...

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Small Leg Ulcer

A Comprehensive Guide to Leg Ulcers

This blog covers the first signs of leg ulcers and both medical and at-home treatments. We’ll discuss why it’s important to examine the underlying causes and how to reduce and prevent their frequency. An ulcer is an open sore on...

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Vascular examination for Chronic Venous Insufficiency or CVI

Everything About CVI Explained

This blog covers the basics of venous insufficiency a precursor for chronic vein insufficiency( CVI). It also goes into detail about the symptoms, causes and common treatments of CVI. Over 40% of people in the United States have chronic venous...

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