Insurance Accepted

Spider vein treatment is usually considered a cosmetic procedure by most insurance carriers and is rarely covered.

Varicose vein treatment is covered by many insurance companies if it is considered medically necessary.  All insurance plans require a venous ultrasound before they will approve treatment.

Medical necessity may include:

  • Venous Insufficiency
  • Pain and Leg Cramps
  • Ulcers on the Legs
  • Bleeding from Varicose Veins
  • Presence of Reflux on Ultrasound

Some insurance carriers will require three months of conservative therapy before they will consider treatment a covered medical expense.  Conservative therapy may include wearing compression stockings during the day, leg elevation, and in some cases, weight loss.

NJVVC accepts most major insurance and Medicare and we will work with you to maximize your insurance benefits.

Insurance Provider Status
Aetna In network
United Healthcare * In network
Horizon BCBS In network
1199 SEIU In network
Medicare NJ In network
Amerigroup In network
Qualcare In network
Tricare In network
Oxford * In network
CIGNA Accepted
Braven Health In network

* For All United Healthcare and Oxford Patients: Please note that these plans have very restrictive policies governing treatment of varicose veins, and we cannot guarantee that they will authorize all of the treatment a patient needs.

Payment Options

Forms of Payment include Cash, Credit Card, Personal Check, and Care Credit.

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