A Close-up of spider veins on a woman’s thigh

Why Am I Suddenly Seeing Spider Veins?

Spider veins are small veins that appear in clusters, resembling spiderwebs or tree branches. While spider veins are not a medical concern, many individuals treat them for cosmetic reasons. Are you wondering why you are suddenly seeing spider veins? Find...

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A man scheduling a vein screening appointment on his cell phone

Reasons to Schedule a Vein Screening

Do your legs feel achy or stiff at the end of the day? Do you experience unexplained leg pain? If you haven’t made any substantial changes to your daily routine, or if you’re getting older, circulation health could be to...

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A closeup of a person’s legs with varicose veins

Compression Therapy for Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are those unsightly bulging veins that you often see on legs or feet. If you have them, you’re probably aware of the discomfort or pain they can cause—especially after a long day of standing or sitting. Compression therapy...

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Poor Circulation in the Legs and Feet

Poor circulation can affect many areas of your body, including your legs, feet, and toes. There are many reasons for poor blood circulation in the legs and feet, and usually several things you can do to improve your circulation. It’s...

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How the Summer Heat Affects Your Veins

Summer is here! It’s the time of year to go to the beach, hike, or simply enjoy relaxing on your deck. Throughout the season, your first concern may be the sun's effect on your skin. But, did you know how...

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