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Early Detection is Key to Preventing Damage Caused by Varicose Vein Disease

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Varicose veins are damaged veins that are swollen and bulging due to blood pooling inside causing them to stretch the wall of the vein.

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Spider veins appear as thin red, blue, and purple veins near the surface of the skin.

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Reticular veins sometimes called feeder veins, occur when veins become dilated which allows the blood to flow backward.

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Vein Treatment

State-of-the-Art Vein Center

Our state-of-the-art New Jersey Vein and Vascular Center in Morris County is committed to personalized patient care and good vein health.

Medical Director, Dr. Stuart Miller, has performed thousands of procedures during his medical career.  Trained and certified in several medical specialties over a ten year period after medical school, he possesses an unparalleled combination of training and experience.

Dr. Miller has trained other vein specialists, is a consultant to medical device companies, and holds over 16 patents for medical devices.

At NJVVC we offer the world’s most advanced methods in medical diagnostic technologies essential to minimizing false positives or false negatives, allowing us to create a specialized and precise treatment plan for each patient.

Our vein center maintains the highest standards and advances in the field of vein and vascular care.

Exam for Vein Disease

Diagnosis & Treatment of Varicose Vein Disease

Our goal is to diagnose and treat varicose vein disease. Unfortunately, most patients, as well as their physicians are often unaware that their symptoms are secondary to varicose vein disease.

It is also a belief among physicians and patients that varicose vein treatment involves a stripping procedure or that no treatment options are available. This is terribly wrong.

We often see patients who have already received treatment elsewhere for vein conditions. They find themselves with recurring symptoms that are just as bad or worse than their original problem.

At NJVVC, we pride ourselves on not only expert diagnosis, but setting up a personalized treatment plan for every patient.

By following an  individualized treatment plan, patients receive superior care, with better results and fewer complications.



Patient Treatment Video

Dr. Miller injects a sclerosing agent directly into a visually apparent, pathologic vein. Watch how the medicine displaces the blood and seals the vein, thereby resulting in its disappearance. See More Videos

Before & After Vein Treatment

Essential Vein and Vascular Health

Your health and well-being rely entirely on the health of your veins and arteries. About six quarts of blood are circulated three times every minute throughout your body, carrying essential oxygen and nutrients to your vital organs, muscles, and every living cell in your body.

Your arteries carry the blood away from your heart and the veins (your venous system) return the blood back to your heart. When this pattern of normal blood flow is altered, the result is often manifested by symptoms of varicose vein  disease. These symptoms include pain, aching, cramping, heaviness, fatigue, itching, warmth, burning, and restless legs.

You may also notice spider veins, prominent, bulging veins, and skin discoloration.

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Our Goals for Every Patient

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 Early Detection is Key to Preventing Damage Caused by Vascular Disease

Notes From Our Patients

Dear Dr. Miller

From our initial consultation, I was impressed with you. A doctor who actually listens to his patients, very rare. Thank you for your kindness and professionalism. I can’t thank you enough for making an uncomfortable situation enjoyable, as well as finally giving me legs that are pain free and good looking.


Dear Dr. Miller and Staff

I’d like to thank you for the excellent care and treatment I received at your office. My legs feel so much better!

Mabel E.

Dr. Stuart Miller & Staff

I see your commercial every so often on cable, I hear your voice, see your smiling face and I simply want to thank you. Over the last year, you and your staff have not only been helpful and caring, but always provided me with a peaceful experience. I’m truly thankful to you all for keeping my health in tip-top shape.


Dr. Miller & Staff

Thank you so much for your kindness and attentiveness. I really enjoyed coming in and getting to know you over the last few weeks. I will be sure to refer as many patients as possible.


Dear Dr. Miller

They say that where cardinals appear that angels are near. That is the way it is in your office. All of your staff have been angels to me. Please give my best to all of the cardinals in your office.

Tom L.

Dr. Miller & Staff

Thank you very much for the great work done on my leg. The leg looks and feels much better. I appreciated the professionalism of all of you.

Enjoy the gift card, stay well, and have a beautiful upcoming holiday season. I hope all of you will enjoy a nice lunch or dinner at the diner.

Sincerely, Jim D.

Dr. Miller and Staff

Thank you so much for all your kindness and attentiveness. I really enjoyed coming in and getting to know you over the last few weeks. I will be sure to refer as many patients as possible.

Sincerely, Cristina A

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We follow CDC, as well as state and local guidelines, in order to keep our patients and staff as safe as possible. Appointments are scheduled to allow time in between patients to limit the number of people in the office at one time.

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